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After almost two years in custody Mr. Crosby was able to secure an acquittal of all charges for a bondsman who was indicted for kidnapping, home invasion, burglary, 8 counts of aggravated assault and 3 counts of cruelty to children in 3rd degree.–law/bondsmen-not-guilty-kidnapping-released-after-years/Poc0jy8As6q1eHOULL74QK/

Mr. Crosby recently appealed a case for a man who was convicted by a jury for drug trafficking and sentenced to 30 years in prison.  The evidence at trial showed that the client was present in a house during the execution of a search warrant by law enforcement along with 3 other individuals, multiple firearms and large amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine.  All of the drugs, however, were hidden from plain view and the defendant claimed he did not reside in the house.   In the appeal, Mr. Crosby successfully argued that there was no direct evidence linking the client to the drugs other than spatial proximity.  The Georgia Court of Appeals agreed and REVERSED the client’s conviction which freed him from prison.  Follow this link to view the reported opinion.

Matt Crosby represented a well-known high school athlete charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault.  The client adamantly denied any culpability.  During the case, Mr. Crosby was able to methodically attack the State’s case poking holes in their evidence.  After almost 4 years, the State of Georgia finally dismissed all counts against his client even though the victim identified him in a photo lineup as being one of the perpetrators that robbed him.

Matt Crosby recently represented a man wrongfully charged with the henious murder of two small children.  His client denied any wrong doing from the beginning.  Mr. Crosby started working on the case immediately with his staff and an investigator collecting crucial information.  Thankfully, evidence was uncovered quickly that not only led to the dismissal of the murder charges and cleared his client’s name, but led to the arrest of the real perpetrator.  This case was covered extensively by the media here in Georgia and nation wide.

Matt Crosby argues in front of a jury in a recent murder case.